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Like many commercial hubs in the UK,  Birmingham is the home of businesses of all sizes and industries and as a result,  the demand for top-notch commercial cleaning services spans multiple sectors and industries.

Professional commercial cleaning is an investment but one that pays dividends and outsourcing your cleaning needs to an experienced and established service can save your business both time and money.

It not only positively contributes to your business's image and efficiency, but it also ensures a healthy and welcoming environment for everyone whilst extending the life of your fixtures and fittings.   

At Crown Cleaning we pride ourselves on being one of the market leaders in the wider Birmingham area and it’s a reputation that we fiercely protect. So just how has CCG become one of the premier commercial cleaning providers in Birmingham?

Crown has been serving Birmingham for over twenty years, accumulating a wealth of knowledge and expertise in cleaning a wide range of commercial spaces. One of the key factors that sets Crown Cleaning apart is its commitment to creating customized cleaning programs for each client. They understand that every commercial space has its unique needs and challenges. Whether it's a corporate office, a healthcare facility, a manufacturing plant, or a retail store, Crown Cleaning designs cleaning programs that address the specific cleaning requirements of the business.
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In addition, Crown Cleaning's success is largely attributed to its dedicated and skilled cleaning staff. The company invests in the training and development of its employees, ensuring that they are well-equipped to handle various cleaning tasks with efficiency and professionalism. We boast a team of dedicated professionals with extensive experience in the commercial cleaning industry all of whom are trained to COSHH standards. This commitment to maintaining a highly skilled workforce sets Crown Cleaning apart from the competition.
But the sector has seen many changes over the years and staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Crown Cleaning utilizes state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and technology to deliver exceptional results. Their modern tools and techniques not only enhance the quality of cleaning but also contribute to efficiency and productivity.

Crown Cleaning is a company that understands the importance of environmental responsibility. They use eco-friendly cleaning products wherever possible whilst promoting the Health &  Safety of all those working or attending the site. It is our priority to contribute to a healthier planet but also provide a safe and clean working environment for clients and their employees.

Crown Cleaning places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. Our team all share our commitment to delivering the best possible clean and a dedication to delivering exceptional service extends beyond the cleaning itself. As a business we are responsive to client needs and concerns, ensuring open lines of communication and a commitment to exceeding expectation

While Crown Cleaning provides top-quality cleaning services, they also understand the importance of cost-effectiveness. Their pricing structures are competitive, and they work closely with clients to ensure that they receive real value for their money and return on their investment.

Crown Cleaning has rightfully earned its status as a leading commercial cleaning provider in Birmingham due to its extensive experience, commitment to customization, skilled workforce, use of cutting-edge technology, dedication to sustainability, and a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Our ability to deliver exceptional cleaning services tailored to the unique needs of each client has made them a trusted partner for businesses throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands.

When it comes to maintaining a clean and welcoming commercial space, Crown Cleaning is undoubtedly a name you can rely on.

Office Cleaning Birmingham

Office Cleaning Birmingham is our primary focus. With over two decades of experience, Crown Cleaning is a leading provider of top-notch commercial cleaning services in Birmingham and the West Midlands. We excel in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of office and warehouse spaces, offering customized solutions to ensure your premises meet the highest standards. 

Rely on our dependable and committed office cleaning services to elevate your workplace to a whole new level. Get in touch with us today to witness the outstanding results that reflect Crown Cleaning's expertise and dedication. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.
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Deep Cleaning Birmingham

In Birmingham, Crown Cleaning specializes in providing top-notch deep cleaning services. Deep cleaning is a highly sought-after service for clients aiming to elevate their premises to a superior standard, and our team excels in this area. Whether you need a routine deep clean, a one-time service, or end-of-contract cleaning, we have the expertise to make your workplace gleam. 

Place your trust in us to deliver exceptional deep cleaning solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations, resulting in a pristine and inviting environment. Witness the transformative capabilities of Crown Cleaning and understand why clients depend on us for premium cleaning services.
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Carpet Cleaning Birmingham

In Birmingham, we specialise in commercial carpet cleaning. Over time, high-traffic areas can damage carpets, and inadequate cleaning worsens the situation. Today's short-pile, dense carpets easily trap dirt and germs, emphasising the need for regular deep cleaning.

Our Dry Fusion system is a market leader, effectively removing deep-seated grime while leaving carpets dry to the touch and hygienically clean. Proper carpet care extends carpet life and maintains its appearance. Choose us for top-tier carpet cleaning services in Birmingham for cleaner, drier, and longer-lasting carpets.
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Hard Floor Cleaning Birmingham

When it comes to hard floor cleaning, routine surface cleaning may suffice until your hard floors display deeper wear and tear. Over time, residues like polish and trapped dirt can accumulate, leaving your hard floors looking dull and worn. It's time to restore their original luster and shine!

Our seasoned team specialises in addressing tenacious residues and dirt buildup, rejuvenating your hard floors. Beyond aesthetics, dirty floors can pose hazards. Our deep cleaning process guarantees the removal of all accumulated residues, unveiling a fresh and hygienic surface underneath. Choose us for expert hard floor cleaning services in Birmingham.
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Tech Cleaning Birmingham

We understand the importance of taking particular care when cleaning highly sensitive and valuable technology, such as computers, telephone systems and printers. Whilst these devices require thorough cleaning, it’s crucial to handle them with care to avoid  damage.

Our fully trained teams are equipped to clean and maintain your tech equipment. We use appropriate cleaning materials and anti-bacterial solutions to ensure the hygiene and longevity of these valuable assets. Trust us to deliver exceptional cleaning services that keep your technology clean, sanitized, and in optimal working condition.
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Washroom Cleaning Birmingham

Maintaining clean and tidy washrooms is of utmost importance for the health and safety of staff, customers, and visitors. A dirty washroom not only poses a significant health risk but also creates a negative impression of an organization.

At Crown Cleaning, we prioritize the hygiene and cleanliness of washrooms to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for everyone. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering exceptional washroom cleaning services that leave a positive impression and contribute to the overall well-being of your workspace. Trust us to keep your washrooms immaculate and create a welcoming atmosphere for all.
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5 Star Reviews

Tracy Mcloughlin
Tracy Mcloughlin
I work for Crown cleaning and there an exceptional company to work for
alex doidge
alex doidge
Exceptional Commercial Cleaning Service! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I cannot recommend Crown Cleaning Services in Bromsgrove highly enough for their outstanding commercial cleaning services. From start to finish, their professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence have truly set them apart. The team at Crown Cleaning Services demonstrated exceptional expertise in addressing the unique needs of our commercial space. Their comprehensive approach ensured that every nook and cranny was thoroughly cleaned, leaving our premises looking pristine and inviting. They didn't just meet our expectations; they exceeded them. What truly impressed us was the reliability and efficiency of their services. The staff arrived promptly and worked diligently, causing minimal disruption to our daily operations. The level of consistency in the quality of their work is a testament to their dedication to customer satisfaction. Communication with Crown Cleaning Services was seamless throughout the entire process. Their friendly and responsive team was always ready to address any questions or concerns we had. It's evident that they prioritize client relationships and are committed to delivering a service that goes above and beyond. Additionally, Crown Cleaning Services demonstrated a commitment to environmentally friendly practices, using eco-friendly products that were effective without compromising the health of our employees or the environment. In conclusion, Crown Cleaning Services has proven to be a reliable, professional, and environmentally conscious partner for our commercial cleaning needs. If you're seeking a top-notch cleaning service in Bromsgrove, look no further. Crown Cleaning Services is the gold standard. We will undoubtedly continue to entrust them with our commercial cleaning needs in the future. Thank you, Crown Cleaning Services, for your exceptional work!
Danielle W
Danielle W
Reliable professional service and every job is always completed to a high standard.
Dexter Patten
Dexter Patten
I engaged Crown Cleaning Group in Bromsgrove, and they truly exceeded my expectations. From the start, their professionalism and attention to detail were evident. Their team arrived punctually with top-notch cleaning tools, and the results were impeccable. The staff's expertise and efficiency made the cleaning process smooth and thorough. They were receptive to my preferences, providing a tailor-made cleaning experience. I highly recommend Crown Cleaning Group for their exceptional service. Friendly, efficient, and dedicated, they stand out from the rest. I'll undoubtedly use their services again in the future. Thank you, Crown Cleaning Group, for an outstanding cleaning experience!
Alex Goode
Alex Goode
I have use crown cleaning group ltd for our office spaces and our sister company. They cover both offices and the general clean throughout the day on both sites and I haven’t ever been disappointed. Very reliable and consistent and the staff are also every friendly. I couldn’t recommend enough. Thank you crown cleaning for your amazing service
Kallum Mulhall
Kallum Mulhall
I have used crown cleaning group ltd for quite some time and I must say our work offices have never been cleaner it’s spotless 24/7. Friendly staff. Exceptionally hight standards of cleaning and every consistent. Couldn’t recommend enough!
chadd beesley
chadd beesley
I have been using crown cleaning now for a couple of years and I can’t recommend them enough! Glynns team really gives out 110% and go above and beyond for me and my company! Always picking up on detail! Glynn is really on the ball comes to see me every couple of months, he really makes sure everything is in line! Every 6-8 weeks Glynn makes sure the staff are deep cleaning to keep our office and public spaces in check and looking fresh! We get a lot of comment from out clients on the cleanliness of our offices and meeting rooms.

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