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First Class Commercial Cleaning Services

Welcome to Crown Cleaning, an established, family-run business with over two decades of experience in delivering first class commercial cleaning services. Our reputation for excellence is not just a badge of honour; it’s something we fiercely protect and strive to uphold in everything we do.

To maintain our high standards, we exclusively employ highly trained staff to support all our contracts. We believe in having full control over the quality of our services, which is why we do not use sub-contractors. Our team shares our unwavering commitment to excellence and reliability, making it an integral part of our company culture that underpins every aspect of our operations.

Our hands-on approach extends to the management team as well, who actively oversee all our contracts. Regular service reviews and monthly on-site visits by a dedicated contract manager ensure that our services consistently meet the highest standards. In the unlikely event that any issues arise, rest assured that we’ll address them swiftly and effectively, minimizing any disruptions to your business.

At Crown Cleaning, we place great emphasis on nurturing strong client relationships. We believe that collaboration and open communication with our clients are essential for understanding their unique needs and delivering tailored solutions. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and it’s one of the key reasons behind our remarkable client retention rate.

If you’re seeking a superior commercial cleaning service that you can trust and rely on, look no further. Contact us today, and let our experienced team demonstrate how Crown Cleaning can elevate the cleanliness and hygiene of your commercial space to new heights. Experience the difference of our commitment to excellence and discover why our clients choose us time and time again. We look forward to serving you with top-tier cleaning services that exceed your expectations.


Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is our core service. Crown Cleaning specializes in first-rate commercial cleaning services for over 20 years in Birmingham and the West Midlands. Experts in office and warehouse environments, we deliver tailored solutions to maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Trust us for reliable and dedicated regular cleaning services that elevate your workspace to new heights. Contact us today to experience the difference of Crown Cleaning’s expertise and passion for delivering exceptional results. Satisfaction guaranteed.
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Deep Cleaning

Crown Cleaning excels at deep cleaning, a highly sought-after service for clients looking to elevate their premises to a higher standard. Whether it’s a regular deep clean, one-off service, or end-of-contract cleaning, our team will make your workplace shine. Trust us to deliver exceptional deep cleaning solutions that exceed your expectations and create a spotless and welcoming environment. Experience the transformative power of Crown Cleaning and discover why clients rely on us for first rate cleaning services.
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Carpet Cleaning

Overtime carpets, particularly those in a commercial environment, are subject to  heavy wear and tear and this is only worsened by inadequate cleaning processes.  Dirt and germs are more readily trapped in todays short pile, dense carpets, so regular deep cleaning is critical to keep them in pristine condition. Many carpet cleaning systems do not permetrate the fibres and with a lack of airflow, carpets can remain wet for a protracted period after treatment.  Our market leading Dry Fusion system not only reaches deep seated grime but leaves your carpets dry to the touch as well as hygenically clean .Propoer carpet care undoubtedly increases its lifespan and appearence. 
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Hard Floor Cleaning

When it comes to hard floors, regular surface cleaning can suffice until they begin to show signs of deeper wear and tear. Over time, residues such as polish and trapped dirt can build up, leaving hard floors looking lacklustre and worn. To restore their original beauty and shine, it’s time to go deep!

Our experienced team is well-versed in tackling stubborn residues and dirt build up, bringing your hard floors back to life.  And it not just about hygiene. Dirty floors can prove to be a hazard! Our deep cleaning process ensures that all traces of accumulated residues are removed, revealing a fresh and clean surface underneath.
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Tech Cleaning

We understand the importance of taking particular care when cleaning highly sensitive and valuable technology, such as computers, telephone systems and printers. Whilst these devices require thorough cleaning, it’s crucial to handle them with care to avoid  damage.

Our fully trained teams are equipped to clean and maintain your tech equipment. We use appropriate cleaning materials and anti-bacterial solutions to ensure the hygiene and longevity of these valuable assets. Trust us to deliver exceptional cleaning services that keep your technology clean, sanitized, and in optimal working condition.
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Washroom Cleaning

Maintaining clean and tidy washrooms is of utmost importance for the health and safety of staff, customers, and visitors. A dirty washroom not only poses a significant health risk but also creates a negative impression of an organization.

At Crown Cleaning, we prioritize the hygiene and cleanliness of washrooms to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for everyone. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering exceptional washroom cleaning services that leave a positive impression and contribute to the overall well-being of your workspace. Trust us to keep your washrooms immaculate and create a welcoming atmosphere for all.
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Superior office and commercial cleaning across the West Midlands - over 20 years experience
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100% Reliability

At Crown Cleaning, we don’t shy away from making bold claims because we are fully committed to delivering a high-quality clean, each and every time. Our dedication to excellence is at the core of our service, and we go to great lengths to ensure that we never let our customers down.

What sets us apart and enables us to uphold our commitment to quality is our proactive approach to managing our cleaning services. We leave no room for complacency and take every measure to ensure that our clients receive nothing less than exceptional service.

One of the key processes that contribute to our proactive service management is our cutting-edge service delivery tracking system. This sophisticated system utilizes GPS technology and detailed worksheets to meticulously document what, when, and how services are delivered.

This advanced tracking system is not just about keeping tabs on our team; it serves a more significant purpose. By actively monitoring service delivery, we can promptly address any issues that may arise. For instance, if non-attendance or machinery breakdown occurs, our system immediately highlights the situation. This prompt notification allows us to take swift action and rectify the issue without delay. This level of preparedness enables us to overcome challenges and maintain our high standards, no matter the circumstances.

Our proactive approach to managing our cleaning services reflects our dedication to not only meeting but surpassing our clients’ expectations. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt, resolve issues promptly, and consistently deliver top-tier cleaning solutions. With Crown Cleaning, you can be confident that your commercial space will receive the highest standard of cleanliness, every time. Experience the difference of our proactive service management and see why our clients trust us to get the job done, no matter what it takes.

Collaboration and communication

In our multi-location and fluid shift pattern work environment, effective communication is of utmost importance. At Crown Cleaning, supporting our clients and teams to work safely and efficiently is our number one priority. To achieve this, we have implemented a robust messaging service that facilitates real-time communication with both team members and clients.

Given that a significant portion of our work takes place during ‘out of hours,’ staying connected is essential to address any concerns promptly. Our messaging service enables us to maintain seamless communication regardless of the time or location, ensuring that our teams are well-coordinated and informed at all times.

We understand that unexpected challenges, such as machine breakdowns or staff sickness, may arise from time to time. Rest assured, we have a comprehensive plan in place to tackle such situations effectively. Our messaging service plays a crucial role in this contingency plan, as it allows us to respond swiftly and manage any issues that may arise.

When clients encounter any emergency or urgent matter, they can simply leave us a message, and we commit to responding within the hour. This rapid and efficient response time demonstrates our dedication to resolving issues promptly and minimizing any disruptions to our clients’ operations.

At Crown Cleaning, we are committed to providing reliable and efficient cleaning services, backed by open and transparent communication channels. Our messaging service acts as a lifeline, ensuring that no matter the time or situation, our clients and teams receive the support they need to work safely and effectively. Trust in Crown Cleaning to keep the lines of communication open and deliver exceptional cleaning solutions that exceed your expectations.

Efficient working practices

At Crown Cleaning, we believe in starting every regular cleaning service with a deep clean. This straightforward yet effective approach sets the standard for cleanliness and sets the benchmark against which future cleans will be assessed. Bringing your premises up to code is not just important for the business but also essential for creating a clean and hygienic environment for everyone.

To uphold our commitment to delivering a first class service, we never compromise on the quality of our equipment. At the beginning of each service, we provide our clients with newly purchased cleaning equipment and materials that are exclusively used for their contract. This ensures that our team has access to reliable and high-quality tools, reducing the likelihood of mechanical breakdown and subsequent downtime and inconvenience. Additionally, using specific cleaning products tailored to your site is vital for maintaining a safe and healthy environment, especially for Health & Safety reasons.

At Crown Cleaning, we take care of all the details so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Consumables are a critical aspect of maintaining a clean and functional workspace, and you can rest assured that we have it covered. As part of our service, we replace consumables regularly, ensuring that your premises are always well-stocked and equipped for optimal cleanliness.

.At Crown Cleaning, we believe that a clean and hygienic environment contributes to the well-being and productivity of everyone within the premises. Trust us to set the standard and provide you with a consistently outstanding cleaning service that meets your unique needs and exceeds your expectations. Experience the difference of Crown Cleaning and let us create a cleaner and healthier workspace for you.

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At Crown Cleaning Group we pride ourselves on our reliable service and our high-quality standards.

5 Star Reviews

Tracy Mcloughlin
Tracy Mcloughlin
I work for Crown cleaning and there an exceptional company to work for
alex doidge
alex doidge
Exceptional Commercial Cleaning Service! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I cannot recommend Crown Cleaning Services in Bromsgrove highly enough for their outstanding commercial cleaning services. From start to finish, their professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence have truly set them apart. The team at Crown Cleaning Services demonstrated exceptional expertise in addressing the unique needs of our commercial space. Their comprehensive approach ensured that every nook and cranny was thoroughly cleaned, leaving our premises looking pristine and inviting. They didn't just meet our expectations; they exceeded them. What truly impressed us was the reliability and efficiency of their services. The staff arrived promptly and worked diligently, causing minimal disruption to our daily operations. The level of consistency in the quality of their work is a testament to their dedication to customer satisfaction. Communication with Crown Cleaning Services was seamless throughout the entire process. Their friendly and responsive team was always ready to address any questions or concerns we had. It's evident that they prioritize client relationships and are committed to delivering a service that goes above and beyond. Additionally, Crown Cleaning Services demonstrated a commitment to environmentally friendly practices, using eco-friendly products that were effective without compromising the health of our employees or the environment. In conclusion, Crown Cleaning Services has proven to be a reliable, professional, and environmentally conscious partner for our commercial cleaning needs. If you're seeking a top-notch cleaning service in Bromsgrove, look no further. Crown Cleaning Services is the gold standard. We will undoubtedly continue to entrust them with our commercial cleaning needs in the future. Thank you, Crown Cleaning Services, for your exceptional work!
Danielle W
Danielle W
Reliable professional service and every job is always completed to a high standard.
Dexter Patten
Dexter Patten
I engaged Crown Cleaning Group in Bromsgrove, and they truly exceeded my expectations. From the start, their professionalism and attention to detail were evident. Their team arrived punctually with top-notch cleaning tools, and the results were impeccable. The staff's expertise and efficiency made the cleaning process smooth and thorough. They were receptive to my preferences, providing a tailor-made cleaning experience. I highly recommend Crown Cleaning Group for their exceptional service. Friendly, efficient, and dedicated, they stand out from the rest. I'll undoubtedly use their services again in the future. Thank you, Crown Cleaning Group, for an outstanding cleaning experience!
Alex Goode
Alex Goode
I have use crown cleaning group ltd for our office spaces and our sister company. They cover both offices and the general clean throughout the day on both sites and I haven’t ever been disappointed. Very reliable and consistent and the staff are also every friendly. I couldn’t recommend enough. Thank you crown cleaning for your amazing service
Kallum Mulhall
Kallum Mulhall
I have used crown cleaning group ltd for quite some time and I must say our work offices have never been cleaner it’s spotless 24/7. Friendly staff. Exceptionally hight standards of cleaning and every consistent. Couldn’t recommend enough!
chadd beesley
chadd beesley
I have been using crown cleaning now for a couple of years and I can’t recommend them enough! Glynns team really gives out 110% and go above and beyond for me and my company! Always picking up on detail! Glynn is really on the ball comes to see me every couple of months, he really makes sure everything is in line! Every 6-8 weeks Glynn makes sure the staff are deep cleaning to keep our office and public spaces in check and looking fresh! We get a lot of comment from out clients on the cleanliness of our offices and meeting rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, many commercial cleaning companies offer flexible scheduling options. They can work during or after business hours to minimize disruption to your operations. Customized cleaning schedules can be arranged to best suit your needs.
Reputable commercial cleaning companies have security protocols in place to protect your business assets and sensitive information. We provide background-checked and trained cleaning professionals who respect your privacy and security requirements.
Most professional commercial cleaning services provide their own cleaning supplies and equipment. This ensures that they use the right products and tools for the job. However, you can discuss any specific preferences or requirements with the cleaning company.
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